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Humanitarian Entrepreneur

Dec 1, 2022

A lot of us have a hard time finding our purpose in life.

What if I told you our purpose is to live our lives as ourselves. But how do we do that? By tapping into our heart and passion to guide us. When we find our passion we find our purpose.

My guest today is author, intuitive medium and conscious creator, Shelly Wilson. She has a passion for supporting others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness.

In this episode, we’ll hear about:

  • How to trust our inner guidance
  • Meditation and the different forms it takes
  • Going with the flow to live without fear
  • The importance of taking time to play
  • And much more!

Thanks again for listening to the Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast! If there’s someone you know that is full of untapped potential, please share this episode with them. Together, we’ll challenge the status quo and get paid the money we’re looking to make.

Enjoy my conversation with Shelly!


In This Episode:

[1:25] - We're introduced to Shelly Wilson and hear about her evolution to the work she's doing today.

[2:40] - Shelly defines what our purpose is in this life.

[3:20] - How do we trust our inner guidance?

[4:10] - Meditation doesn't have to look a certain way. Shelly explains how being mindful is a form of meditation.

[5:25] - Sometimes we turn to distractions because we don't want to navigate what we're being guided towards.

[7:00] - Social media has warped our perception about people and ourselves.

[8:43] - Go with the flow. It's important to know what we can and can't control in life.

[11:00] - Leading with love both in our businesses and personal lives leads to success.

[13:40] - Pausing to be mindful of your past choices will open you up to learning lessons from past discussions.

[16:40]  - Shelly gives tips to people who are more sensitive to energies working in overwhelming spaces. 

[18:00] - How can change makers stay strong when threats of danger are the norm?

[19:30] - There is power in numbers.

[21:00] - To achieve balance it's important to devote time to play.



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Book: Journey into Consciousness

Book: Embracing the Magic Within

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