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Humanitarian Entrepreneur

Jan 26, 2023

“The first voice is always intuitive. And I say it's a voice, but for most people it's a physical sensation in their body,” explains Candice Thomas. Candice is the author of The Success Sense: Intuition for Entrepreneurs and Professionals. She uses her skills as a psychic medium to teach entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders how to use their own intuition to change their lives and make positive changes in their communities. However, she wasn’t always so adept at following her own intuition. After a lot of years of getting and ignoring her  intuitive flashes, Candice ended up feeling trapped in a federal government job that she didn’t enjoy. It was only after she visited the Psychic Twins and learned that she was actually gifted as a medium that Candice began exploring where her intuition had been trying to lead her all along. Today, Candice joins host Tiffany Zehara to talk about how to lead with your intuition.

Intuition is something that everyone has, but not everyone knows how to recognize and interpret. It may feel like a physical sensation in your body or even show up as a little voice in your head. At first you may naturally be inclined to try to tune it out or brush it off. Once you become more in tune with how your intuition shows up for you, then you can start to figure out what it means and choose whether you wish to follow its guidance or not. You do not have to be a psychic to tap into your own intuition. However, it may be helpful to seek out someone like Candice who can help you learn to hear and understand your own inner voice. 

Intuition is another sense that we can learn to tap into to be in better alignment with ourselves and our goals. When you lead with intuition, you automatically lead with more authenticity. Following your intuition is always going to lead you to a better place than falling back on old habits like people pleasing. Tune into today’s episode of Humanitarian Entrepreneur Podcast for a talk with special guest Candice Thomas to learn more about how intuition works and how you can use it to manifest the life that you desire. 


  • “You cannot people please and lead others. That is impossible.” (10:13-10:16 | Candice)
  • “If you're going to a psychic, usually they've been to so many other places, I’m a last ditch resort. I'm the last stop of desperation. And I didn't like it. I didn't like the power that I had, and it felt a little bit manipulative to me.” (22:35-22:51 | Candice)
  • “The first voice is always intuitive. And I say it's a voice, but for most people it's a physical sensation in their body.” (27:20-27:27 | Candice)
  • “A good test is if you're out in the world today having any type of a conversation, just notice how your body first reacts to information that you're receiving.” (27:42-27:51 | Candice) 

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